Oh, jesus i did not realize it was the SAME PLACE and now it hurts SO MUCH WORSE.

Every year I choose four students to come work for me. But because our workload has grown, I decided to hire one more of you.


Since I really don’t draw enough of this sweet fucker, I’m rELUCTANTLY lifting the ban off of requests and actually encouraging them, send me all your Sam Wilson desires and headcanons


what if every piece of clothing you liked or reblogged suddenly appeared in your closet


"Think maybe [Sven] missed me?"

                           “Not nearly as much as I did.”

Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michal Foster. Ouat Bts 

filming at Third Beach Vancouver October 8

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@elizabethdlailIsn’t @scottmfoster such an amazing Fiancée?